Almost everyone turns on the computer to do their research. Whether it’s deciding on what restaurant they want to eat at, or which doctor they want to visit – the web has proven itself a valuable resource in every home.  That’s why we created eReputationBUILDER. To help companies proactively build their online reputation. Now that 91% of people are researching your business online before even stepping foot on your welcome mat, online review sites are more important than ever. eReputationBUILDER has the tools you need to stop negative reviews before they are published online.

Ereputation Builder is a customer satisfaction product that businesses use to improve customer retention, build trusting relationships, and enhance CSI surveys through email follow-up marketing.  Ereputation Builder’s parent company, Cactus Sky, has been in business for 14 years and is recognized as one of the premier email marketing companies in the country, and stays ahead of the curve, developing new technology like mobile-enabled emails and email retargeting.

Leveraging Cactus Sky’s innovative email techniques, Ereputation Builder uses automated messaging to provide businesses with an interactive process to effectively follow-up with customers in a timely manner.  The email encourages satisfied customers to leave reviews on the major review sites and gives unsatisfied customers a channel to communicate the problem.  Business owners can then resolve the problem before the manufacturer’s surveys are issued.

Ereputation Builder is a versatile product that is available to a multitude of industries including medical, service, professional, automotive, and hospitality.  All industries are affected by online reputation and Ereputation Builder fills that need to protect, maintain, and build a positive reputation.  Cactus Sky developed the Ereputation Builder product to meet the need of their automotive clients like Chrysler Corporate and Equifax, recognizing the need for dealers to communicate with their customers and resolve complaints before they escalated.  Since its inception, Ereputation Builder has been made available for other industries successfully improving online reputation across the board.

The automotive version fully integrates with car dealers DMS systems and on a nightly basis the sales and services customers are downloaded to our secure server.  On a preset schedule the customers are sent a video email from the dealership asking about their experience and starts the survey process.  The interactive email design increases engagement and adapts to the mobile screen.  Other industries feed their data manually, but we are working on an automated process for that as well.

Our founder and CEO Peter “webdoc” Martin is a regular speaker and trainer for the industry’s top events, including:

  • NADA
  • Internet Sales 20 Group
  • Automotive Bootcamp
  • Internet Battle Plan
  • Digital Dealer
  • Autocon
  • RVDA
  • Buy Here Pay Here Association
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