Peter “Webdoc” Martin is the President of Cactus Sky Digital; a company that helps businesses acquire, manage and retain customers online. He is a technology correspondent and digital marketing expert renowned for creating innovative programs leveraging over 29 years of sales and marketing experience to become a business leader, speaker, writer, trainer, and consultant.

Cactus Sky Digital is a full-service digital marketing agency providing email marketing, online reputation management, website development, social media, public relations, and automotive solutions.  For the past 12 years Cactus Sky Digital has adapted to emerging digital marketing technology and trends, currently leading the industry in mobile-responsive email and website development. Cactus Sky Digital utilizes behavioral targeting, mobile-enabled campaigns, social media marketing and database development and management to generate increased customer engagement and conversion. It is the leader in digital marketing and PR with results that speak for themselves: customer engagement, conversion and sales.

As the “Webdoc,” Martin shares technology news and advice. The Webdoc first aired in 1999 on ASTN (Automotive Satellite Television Network) where he provided the Automotive Industry with the latest online marketing news and website reviews. More recently, the Webdoc has been featured on television and radio networks including SNN6, ABC 7 News and the Joy FM as a technology correspondent.  He delivers technology advice, how to directions, tips, product reviews. Martin also has collaborated with the Florida State Attorney’s Office to produce cybersecurity and online safety segments.  The Webdoc is a member of the National News Team, a syndicated radio and television network.

In 2005, Martin began sending out the popular Monday Motivational. Currently, more than 90,000 subscribers receive this email to jump-start their work week. His first book of Monday Motivational is scheduled to be released later this year.

In 2012, Martin officially launched a new technology product that leverages Cactus Sky Digital’s email delivery expertize and incorporates (ASM), also known as Behavioral Targeting a process that he pioneered in 1999. Now known as Lead Igniter, this program reactivates dormant leads in a dealership’s CRM and engages unsold prospects by sending them targeted messages based on their interests.

Martin is an acclaimed speaker and marketing expert specializing in online reputation management, digital marketing trends, mobile-enabled emails, conquest email marketing, integrating technology and selling to women.  He has been featured at numerous training sessions including NADA, Digital Dealer, AutoCon and RVDA events.  He has also spoken at C12 Christian Business Group conferences and to alumni groups from Ohio State University.  He is a contributing author to AutoSuccess Magazine, Fixed Ops Magazine, Service Drive Today, and other marketing publications.

Online Reputation has become one of the most controversial challenges in internet marketing. Consumer buying patterns have changed and now online reviews are a major influencing factor on all purchases. In 2012 eReputationBUILDER was introduced to help businesses with online reputation management. This company helps prevent negative reviews and generates positive ones on 3rd party review sites such as Google+ and Yelp. It does this by the use of mobile-enabled video emails, review monitoring, and business listing optimization. The “Not Satisfied” button included in every email sent to customers has dramatically lowered the amount of complaints clients receive on review sites. The goal of eReputationBUILDER is to proactively generate more positive reviews and redirect negative reviews from being published.

In his free time, Martin enjoys spending time with his wife Angie and son Dylan.  His interests include car restoration, outdoor activities, target shooting and of course trying out the latest gadgets.

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