Your Online Reputation Influences Your Offline Reality: Your Bottom Line

The web has empowered your worst nightmare in the Services Industry: disgruntled customers or irate and jealous competitors who wish to tarnish you or your service reputation.

Now, anyone with an email address can write false reviews that persuade potential clients to completely avoid your business and lose confidence in you as the authority of the services you offer. This trend can cause serious revenue declines from brand erosion.

Listings that are potentially damaging to your online reputation will erode your business’ credibility, especially if these listings are for you or your business’ name.

It’s vital to take quick action now and repair the damage done or manage the future of your brand’s reputation witheReputationBUILDER.

The Difference!

eReputationBUIILDER has built the bridge between your business’ customer database and our email deployment system. With years of experience securing highly confidential data, our clients depend on eReputationBUILDER Not Buttonto safely and easily deliver a custom email that enables your customer to post a positive review online or click the “Not Satisfied” button and submit a negative review to you, not online where the damage
is long lasting.

Delivery Rates up to 99% on clean lists. Delivering reputation building emails to your customers inbox is our specialty. eReputationBUILDER’s video email presentation combined with high deliverability is what our customers count on for high response rates from customers who have the option to share a complaint directly to you or post a positive review.

Get proactive and request positive feedback and manage the negative opinions with the premier leader for email delivery,eReputationBUILDER

Follow Up with Customers

The window of opportunity to avoid negative reviews online is in the immediate follow up to your customer providing easy access to click and write a positive review from an eReputationBUILDER video email that properly represents your business. Your customer receives a personalized email seeking feedback after a recent visit to your business. Satisfied recipients can leave positive reviews on a highly ranked review site. Unsatisfied responses are sent to you internally to respond quickly, not online where the brand damaging feedback will live forever

Today we’re all digital explorers, seeking out online ratings, peer reviews, videos, and in-depth product details as we move down the path to purchase.

Bottom line, your business NEEDS to have strategies in place to ensure your business’s reputation is secure. With 80% of your prospects checking your reviews before making a purchasing decision, eReputationBUILDER automates one of your top reputation management priorities.

Examples of Service Industry businesses include:

  • Pest Control
  • Restaurants
  • Retail & consumer
  • Technology
  • Veterinarians
  • Financial
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Business
  • Consulting
  • Legal
  • Infomercials
  • Power & Utilities
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