You don’t ever have to ask yourself the unthinkable again. Am I proactively managing my online reputation?

The mission critical moment to control your online reputation is when your customer chooses to blame and inflame how they feel about your company. Our research repeatedly tells us that pivotal moment to save your reputation is shortly following the customer purchase.

Not Satisfied Button

Short Circuit the Bad Review from Unhappy Customers

One click from your customer’s inbox directs them to a “complaint form” away from the Review Site and into your control. If unsatisfied, an eReputationBUILDER email with your companies look and feel to your customer will short circuit or intercept a bad review that would otherwise be posted online and pollute your image. If satisfied, your customer selects an authority review site from their personalized email raving about you with a positive listing that increases your brand recognition and deters brand decay.

The High Priority Alert to Key Contacts in your Company!

 High Priority Alert to Key Contacts in your Company1) Your disgruntled customer clicks NOT SATISFIED directing them to an online form to voice their complaint. eReputationBUILDER is protecting you 24 hours a day assuring your customer of your appreciation and willingness to address and respond to their feedback immediately.

2) Your customer is notified immediately with a personalized email in your company’s look and feel assuring someone at your company will contact them shortly to resolve your customers concerns.

3) Your companies key internal contacts are notified of your customer dissatisfaction allowing you to proactively manage your online reputation reducing the risk of negative reviews.

Detailed reporting will show you how many of your clients are clicking through to leave a positive or negative review. You will also receive a detailed report of everyone who left a complaint to make sure that each and every one of your clients is completely satisfied.

The online world of consumers policing a brand with immense influence to the masses has forced business owners to look very seriously at proactively managing their reputation.

Request a demo and begin building positive reviews, control negative feedback and automate the process. With eReputationBUILDER you save yourself the disheartening avalanche of negative opinions online.

The window of opportunity to manage negative reviews online is in the immediate follow up to your customer.

To protect your image, provide your customers with easy access to click, write and post a positive review from an eReputationBUILDER video email that properly represents your business. Automate the process with eReputationBUILDER before your companies brand decays from an avalanche of negative opinions online.

Build Your Reputation

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