Your Online Reputation Influences Your Offline Reality: Your Bottom Line

The web has actualized your worst nightmare: irate customers and jealous competitors who wish to tarnish you or your professional reputation are writing false reviews to persuade potential clients to completely avoid your business.

Peace of mind is just a click or call away. eReputationBUILDER delivers real results fast.

You Are Who Google Says You Are!

Listings that are potentially damaging to your online reputation will erode the credibility of your business.

If you Googled your business’ name right now, what would you see?

It’s vital to quickly take action to repair the damage done, or manage the future of your brand’s reputation witheReputationBUILDER.

The eReputationBUILDER Difference

eReputationBuilder is the bridge between your customer database and our email deployment system. With years of experience gleaning highly confidential data, our clients depend on us to securely leverage their internal database and deliver custom emails that enable their customers to post positive reviews online or help intercept negative reviews.

  • eReputation builder has delivery rates up to 99% on clean lists
  • 40-60% is the norm for in-house emails
  • Get past the spam filters
  • Be proactive. Request positive feedback and manage negative opinions

Follow Up with Customers

Unsatisfied-PicThe window of opportunity to avoid negative reviews online is very small. Immediately follow-up with your customers by providing easy access to click and write positive reviews with an eReputationBuilder video email that properly represents your business. Satisfied recipients can leave positive reviews on a review site. Unsatisfied responses are sent to you internally so you can respond quickly, avoiding damaging feedback that will live forever.

The digital age makes it easy for customers to seek out online ratings, peer reviews, videos, and in-depth product details as they move down the path to a purchase. Your company NEEDS to have strategies in place to ensure your reputation is secure. With 80% of prospects checking your reviews before making a purchasing decision, eReputationBuilder is a top reputation management priority.

Examples of Professional Industry Businesses Include:

  • Attorneys/Legal
  • Accountant
  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Retail
  • Asset management
  • Banking & capital markets
  • Communications
  • Energy & mining
  • Entertainment & media
  • Financial services
  • Health industries
  • Healthcare providers
  • Technology

eReputationBUILDER returns control of your business brand back to you.

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