• 55% of Americans look up medical professionals on the internet before setting up an appointment
  • 41% follow a trusted doctor’s recommendation
eReputationBUILDER gives companies in the health industry a chance to gain greater control over their online dialogue. In the digital age, patients now police the brand of medicine, making it critical for you to effectively manage the way you and your medical office are portrayed on the Internet.

We help clients in the health care industry, big and small, control what should be private between practitioners and unsatisfied patients. As your online reputation defender, eReputationBUILDER will consistently steer unwanted online reviews away from the search engines, enabling a mountain of positive content, which pushes those negative reviews out of the way.

The Internet is shaping consumer behavior. No matter what industry you are in, you can bet that consumers are doing their homework, Googling your products and services on the Web—even if you’re offering services as foundational as medical care.

  • Your current patients are controlling the conversation about you.
  • Do not make the mistake of ignoring what they say.
  • The American Medical Association has tight restrictions for combating negative reviews.

Hospitals, doctors and medical practices build their business by word of mouth, which makes eReputationBUILDING a matter of tremendous urgency. For hospitals that receive donations, online reputation management is even more crucial, as a single negative Google listing can send potential donors scurrying.

Small Medical Practices Benefit from eReputationBUILDER too!

  • General Medical practices
  • Dental practices
  • If a physician receives too many scathing reviews, the entire practice can really suffer.

eReputationBUILDER works with doctors whose names have been tainted on the Web—either through negative reviews, or erroneous claims of malpractice. The damage done by these online listings can be devastating. Patients Google their doctors, especially new doctors, to ensure they are receiving the very best in care. If only terrible reviews or defamatory posts come up, patients will keep searching until they find a doctor with better online listings.

The first thing potential patients do when searching for a reputable practitioner is consult the search engines. What do Google, Facebook, Angie’s List and RateMDs.com have to say about you and your medical office?

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How it Works

  • Patients receive a personalized video email directly to their inbox.
  • This email provides hotlinks for patients to write positive reviews.
  • It also has an “Unsatisfied” button that sends feedback directly to you.
  • No more horrific online damage!
Request a 10 minute complimentary demonstration and let eReputationBUILDER introduce potential patients to your finest qualities, and cure the negative reviews.
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