In the not too distant past, Customers used the Yellow Pages to find a local business. Today, consumers are accessing the Internet using computers, tablets and smart phones to find your business. They are also looking at reviews about your products and services. Prior to purchase, the average person visits 8 different sites including apps, online review sites, local websites and search engines.

If you are not visible, or if you have bad reviews, it is going to cost your business. For over 10 years Cactus Sky and eReputationBUILDER has been helping companies build their online presence and generate positive exposure on the World Wide Web. With the addition of the PowerListings Network, which includes the most popular and influential sites, we can help you get exposure across the web to ensure your company is properly listed and can easily be found by local consumers.

51% of purchases are made by people who do online research before buying. If you are not seen or hard to find online, you are missing over 51% of your sales opportunities. Use our Free Review Tool to see how your business shows up on the web. In a matter of minutes you will see how your business appears on the TOP 50 sites including Yahoo, FaceBook and Yelp.

See what’s missing from your online listings on these sites and more:

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