You Are Who Google Says You Are!

Listings that are potentially damaging to your online reputation will erode your dealership’s credibility.

not-satisfiedIf you Googled your dealerships name right now, what would you see?

It’s vital to quickly take action to repair the damage done. One click from your customer directs them to a complaint form away from the search engines and into your control.

positive-negative-reviewsThe eReputation Difference: eReputationBuilder is the bridge between the dealership’s DMS system and our email deployment system. We pull your most recent buyers from your DMS each night and deliver a custom email that enables them to post a positive review online, or helps you intercept negative feedback.

  • eReputation builder has delivery rates up to 99% on clean lists
  • 40-60% is the norm for in-house emails
  • Get past the spam filters
  • Be proactive. Request positive feedback and manage negative opinions

Unfortunately, many dealerships are sending out mass emails resulting in being black listed because of spam. The most important part of email marketing is being able to reach your prospects.

key-featuresSafe Sender Certified

  • Gives you the largest coverage available
  • Improved deliverability to Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.
  • Unblocked images
  • Active links
  • Bypass Spam Filters

get-better-online-reviewsFollow Up with Customers

The window of opportunity to avoid negative reviews online is very small. Immediately follow-up with your customers by providing easy access to click and write positive reviews with an eReputationBuilder video email that properly represents your business. Satisfied recipients can leave positive reviews on a review site. Unsatisfied responses are sent to you internally so you can respond quickly, avoiding damaging feedback that will live forever.

The digital age makes it easy for customers to seek out online ratings, peer reviews, videos, and in-depth product details as they move down the path to a purchase. Your dealership NEEDS to have strategies in place to ensure your reputation is secure. With 80% of prospects checking your reviews before making a purchasing decision, eReputationBuilder is a top reputation management priority.

Build Your Reputation
eReputationBuilder returns control of your dealerships brand back to you.

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